More Burgers! Dandy’s Drive-in, Bend

Dandy’s Burger

After a recent late-season ski day, a burger was calling my name. The lifts were still turning but the snow has gone all sticky in the hot sunshine. Bend Burger Company is my usual apres-ski burger, but honestly I was in a hurry to get back home and back to work. I needed fast food, but not fast food, if you know what I mean. Dandy’s is nothing like BBC, or Pilot Butte, or Jody’s. It is a drive-in, and the food is fast and good. Think of it as a retro In-n-Out for Bend. Very limited menu, very fast and friendly service.

The wait staff are on roller skates. They are universally upbeat and friendly. If that doesn’t improve your mood, I don’t know what will.

I ordered something quick, just a simple burger and an order of onion rings. I had some cold drinks on me in a cooler that I bring to Bachelor on hot late-season days like this, so no shake or soda this time. Sorry I didn’t snap a photo of the rings, as I snarfed them down almost immediately. Quite tasty! The burger was very good. An honest fast-food burger. I was in and out pretty swiftly, and was completely satisfied with the experience. Far better than McD’s or BK for sure.

Dandy’s Drive In Menu