Jody’s Drive In, Redmond

Best Burger In Redmond

After our review of Bogey’s, who claim to have “The Best Burgers on Earth”, we wondered if they could even claim the best burgers in Redmond? To test that hypothesis COE made a lunch stop at Jody’s Drive in to run the experiment.

To quickly compare the two:

Both are basically burger joints that offer sides and a few non-burger type foods. Bogey’s is pretty much a “build your own from the basic list” while Jody’s has an extensive list of specialty burgers and an option to BuildYO.

Ambiance: Bogey’s feel like a small place in a strip mall (becasue it is) and Jody’s feels like a shack next to a highway with a  few picnic tables (because it is.) I suspect that most folks phone in their orders to Jody’s and pick them up to eat at home.

Service: At Bogey’s the service is attentive, fast, and friendly. At Jody’s… well lets just say it is slow and indifferent.

But the burgers? Jody’s wins hands down.

Main Menu at Jody’s
Sides & Shakes

This time I  tried a “Ragin’ Cajun” burger, which has grilled jalapenõs and pepperjack cheese. I opted for fried onions on top and a side of sweet potato fries. Since I’m not on a bike, I stayed away from the shakes, though if I’d have ridden there, I would opt for a chocolate malt! Maybe later this summer.

I’ve had many of their specialty burgers (Ortega Chile, Bacon & Bleu, etc) and have done the build-your-own thing often. Jody’s has never let me down in terms of a damn good burger.


Ambiance in the waiting area…

Don’t come to Jody’s with high expectations of fine dining, or a pampering atmosphere. They just make great burgers. Grab one, and go.




Jody’s Drive-In
07 SW 14th Street
Redmond, OR 97756
541-923-JODY (5639)

Note: Open 11am-4pm

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