The Breakfast Club in Bend

I’ve driven by this place on Greenwood for years, but have never stopped in, until today. I have an hour to kill and haven’t eaten breakfast, so here we are!

Small pseudo art-deco style building sits on the northwest corner of Greenwood and NE 4th street just east of the big intersection of 3rd & Greenwood. Scant parking out back, and apparently the neighboring businesses will be quick to call the tow truck if you spill over into their spots. 

You walk in and see an “L” shaped old-school diner with a counter on the long axis and booths wrapping around the outside windows. You wait to be seated, but in my case the server just told me to sit wherever I pleased. 

The menu

My usual go-to when trying a breakfast at a place I’ve never eaten is Eggs Benedict. Like a Chile Relleno at a Mexican restaurant, Benedicts tell you what level of skill and freshness the kitchen operates. Unlike traditional breakfast items like scrambled eggs, pancakes, etc. Eggs Benedict required some finesse. I also order a side of bacon. 

Service is quick and my bennies arrive:

Eggs Benedict, pepper & hot sauce added by yours truly

The eggs are cooked perfectly! Done throughout but still a tad runny in the yolks. The ham is a super-thin sliced stack, like you would expect in a sandwich. The Hollandaise sauce is OK, but not noteworthy. The English muffin is a bit tough. 

Now hash browns are a matter of personal taste. Everyone likes them their own way. How The Breakfast Club makes them is not my style. These are well-cooked only on one side, and once past the crusty top one finds basically mashed potatoes. I like mine either shoestringed and well cooked on both sides, or more country-fried with peppers and onions cooked in. 

The bacon is thin and very crispy. Service is great, but the food is just average. 

Bennies: $9.90, Bacon: $4.40

No wifi

The Breakfast Club, 378 NE Greenwood Ave, Bend, OR 

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