Rigoberto’s Taco Shop, Redmond. 

Above: Drive-through menu

I’m not a big fan of fast food. I prefer sit-down dining and fresh stuff. But sometimes eating has to take a back seat to more pressing concerns. Yesterday I had to drive to Portland for a funeral. As I’m heading out of Central Oregon I stop to fill up the tank at Freddie’s in Redmond and my tummy was growling. Where should I go? Heading north my choices are a few Burger places (Sno-cap, Bogey’s), Sonic, and a couple of sub sandwich places. Then I recall a great Carne Asada combo plate I enjoyed at Rigoberto’s on Antler and 5th last summer. I decide to swing by and grab a burrito to go. 

There is an art to rolling a burrito so well that it can be eaten one-handed. I can recall a burrito shop I frequented back in the early 90s that could wrap a football-sized one so well it would maintain cohesion down to the last grain of rice. I figured it would be a good test for Rigaberto’s. 

Above: The Burrito, in hand. 

The service is quick, I have my burrito in hand and am underway in minutes. It is a chicken burrito. Heavy, and well-wrapped. The paper wrapping is easy to partially undo to facilitate eating. The tortilla wrap is perfectly constructed. The filling is a wonderful concoction of an earthy red sauce, chicken, rice & beans. 

Above: Deee-licious!

Honestly it is one of the best chicken burritos I have ever eaten. 

So much better than a fast-food hamburger to be honest. I wolf it down before I arrive in Terrebonne. True to form, it maintained its shape as I ate it. No “burruption” risk at all. 

Tummy satisfied, I drive non-stop to PDX and on arrival I note that in the bag are some sauce samples:

The burrito of course is long gone, but I open one of the green ones and have a taste. So good I down the whole container! Again, a spicy/earthy/savory delight. 

Try Rigoberto’s. Let me know what you think. 

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